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Teenage Gunmen

A Statement To Those Who Wish To Harm

Teenage Gunmen

Here is a list of Teenage Gunmen and/or School Attacks.

January 29, 1979
Brenda Spencer
Age 16 from San Diego, California open fired at an elementary school across the street from her home. The school principal and a custodian were killed and nine students and a police officer were wounded. Later questioned for her motive, she responded by saying, “I don’t like Mondays.”

March 19, 1982
Patrick Lizotte
Age 18. In Las Vegas, Nevada, he fatally shot an algebra teacher and wounded two other students at Valley High School. Patrick Lizotte was upset because the teacher would not cancel a public speaking assignment.

March 2, 1987
Nathan D. Faris
Age 12 from Dekalb County, Missouri, shot a thirteen-year-old classmate before killing himself. He was constantly teased about being chubby and bright.

February 11, 1988
Jason Harless
Age 16 from Pinellas Park, Florida killed the principal of his high school and wounded two other faculty members after teachers learned that he and a friend were carrying stolen guns.

December 16, 1988
Nicholas Elliott
Age 15 from Virginia Beach, Virginia killed a teacher and wounded another person. He was prepared to open fire on the students at his school because he claimed to taunt him because he was black.

August 27, 1990
Curtis Collins
A sophomore in High School in Las Vegas, Nevada fatally shot a junior.

January 18, 1993
Gary Scott Pennington
Age 17 from Grayson, Kentucky, fatally shot a teacher and a janitor and invaded a seventh period English class. He held his classmates’ hostage, before surrendering. He was upset over a bad grade on his report card.

February 2, 1993
Shem S. McCoy
Age 17 from Amityville, New York shot two of his cousins. One was killed and the other was seriously wounded.

February 22, 1993
Robert Heard
Age 15 from Los Angeles, California fatally shot a boy at his High School.

May 24, 1993
Jason Michael Smith
Age 15 from Red Hill, Pennsylvania, shot and killed a classmate during first period Biology at his High School. The victim had been bullying the gunmen since the seventh grade.

April 12, 1994
James Osmanson
Age 10 from Butte, Montana, shot a classmate on the school playground. His classmates had been teasing him because his parents had AIDS.

September 29, 1995
Keith Johnson
Age 14 from Tavares, Florida shot a classmate at his Middle School.

November 16, 19995
Jamie Rouse
Age 18 from Columbia, Tennessee killed a teacher, a student, and wounded another teacher. The gunman was upset over bad grades.

February 2, 1996
Barry Loukaitas
Age 14 from Moses Lake, Washington killed two boys, the teacher, and wounded a girl. One of the victims was a popular boy who had been teasing the gunman.

March 25, 1996
Joseph Stanley Burris and Anthony Gene Rutherford
Age 15 and age 18 from Waynesville, Missouri fatally slashed a classmate at the Mountain Park Baptist Church and Boarding School. They were afraid that the victim would reveal their plan to take over the school and start a cult.

April 30, 1996
Kevin Don Foster
Age 18 from Fort Myers, Florida, “a charismatic dropout, and other members of a terrorist gang he recruited from Riverdale High School, named the Lords of Chaos, carried out a wave of crimes including vandalism, arson, armed robbery, and the murder of the school’s band teacher.”

September 15, 1996
Name not released
Age 14 from Decatur, Georgia fired shots into a classroom killing his English teacher.

October 16, 1996
Gena Lawson
Age 15 from Pensacola, Florida fatally stabbed a female classmate and slashed the victim’s half sister with a butcher knife after a quarrel over boys.

January 27, 1997
Tronneal Mangum
Age 14 from West Palm Beach, Florida shot and killed a classmate at his Middle School. The victim tried to recover a watch that the gunman had stolen from him. The gunman had eighteen disciplinary missteps on his school record. The nineteenth one was homicide.

February 19, 1997
Evan Ramsey
Age 16 from Bethel, Alaska stole a shotgun from his foster home then went on a killing rampage at his High School. He shot an athlete, killed hi principal, and wounded two other students.

July 3, 1997
Jimmy D. Hernandez
Age 16 from Alexandra, Virginia fatally stabbed a classmate.

October 1, 1997
Luke Woodham
Age 16 from Pearl, Mississippi was a sophomore who attended Pearl High School. He began the day of October 1st, by bludgeoning and stabbing his mother to death, then drove to his High School and began shooting into a crowd of students gathered in the common before classes were to begin. Two girls were killed and seven other students were injured.

December 1, 1997
Michael Carneal
Age 14 from West Paducah, Kentucky open fired on a prayer group meeting in the hallway before classes were to begin. Three girls were killed and five students injured.

March 24, 1998
Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson
Age 11 and 13 from Jonesboro, Arkansas set up an ambush outside their Middle School. Andrew pulled the fire alarm then ran outside to wait next to his friend. They began shooting at their peers and teachers as they filed outside. Four girls and a teacher who was pregnant were killed and another teacher and ten students were wounded.

March 24, 1998
Name not released
Age 18 from Coldwater, Michigan sat in the parking lot of his school and shot himself in the head while classmates watched.

March 30, 1998
Name of girl not released
Age 13 from Chapel Hill, North Carolina committed suicide in a rest room at her Middle School by shooting herself in the head.

April 24, 1998
Andrew “Satan” Wurst
Age 14 from Edinboro, Pennsylvania fatally shot a teacher and wounded two students and a teacher at his Middle School dance in a local banquet hall.

May 19, 1998
Jacob Davis
Age 18 from Fayetteville, Tennessee waited in the parking lot of his High School with a deer rifle, then shot a popular football player who he had been feuding with over a girl.

May 21, 1998
Name not released
Age 15 from Onalaska, Washington ordered his girlfriend off a school bus at gunpoint. He took her to his home then fatally shot himself as the girl’s father was breaking down the front door.

May 21, 1998
Kipland “Kip” Phillip Kinkel
Age 15 from Springfield, Oregon shot his parents to death then invaded Thurston High School and open fired on students gathered in the cafeteria. Two students were mortally wounded and twenty-five others were wounded.

April 20, 1999
Eric David Harris and Dylan Klebold
Age 18 and 17 from Littleton, Colorado shot twelve students and a teacher to death before killing themselves at Columbine High School. Twenty-three students and faculty members were wounded.
(The Columbine Massacre was one of the most devastating school slaughters in United States history.)

Eric Harris